Year Event Source
2500 A French spaceship carrying Professor Antelle, his colleague Arthur Levain, and journalist Ulysse Mérou was launched to the star Betelgeuse. Two years passed inside the ship while 350 years passed on Earth. La Planète des singes
c. 2850

The French spaceship carrying astronauts Antelle, Levain, and Ulysse crash-lands on an Earth-like planet in orbit around Betelgeuse. They encounter Nova and her tribe of primitive humans. Later they find the planet is dominated by intelligent Apes who capture Ulysee and kill Aurthur while Antele reverts to a primitive state. While a detainee of the apes, Ulysee had sex with Nova. Eventually the apes learned of Ulysee's true nature and accept him into society. Then Ulysse and Nova's son Sirius is born.

La Planète des singes
c.3250 Ulysse, Nova, and Sirius return to Earth (where over 700 years have passed after he originally left) only to find it has also been taken over by Apes. La Planète des singes
c.5250+ Jinn and Phyllis read Ulysse's story. La Planète des Singes