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"Apes! Monkeys are further down the evolutionary ladder, JUST above humans!"

Krull is a supporting protagonist gorilla in the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie.


Krull was the head of the household in Ari's home, a servant to Senator Sandar. He was strict with the human slaves but fair, and disapproved of Thade's mistreatment of them. He was a personal friend of Ari and served as a bodyguard of sorts for her. In the past Krull was a great general before he fell foul of Thade. Krull personally trained the gorilla Attar as his pupil in military tactics. Krull loyally accompanied Ari when she fled Derkein with Leo Davidson and a group of human escapees from the Ape City. Along the way he experienced what humans were all about. He watched as Leo used his gun in a demonstration of power; this prompted Krull to destroy the gun out of fear for what it could be used for. When Attar marched with General Thade and the armies of Ape City against a band of humans in Calima, Krull stood and fought alongside the humans. Attar, once his pupil and friend, killed him in the final battle. Krull was buried with apes and humans alike, Attar ordered that they would be mourned together.



  • 'Krull' is a Germanic name, notwithstanding its use in other sci-fi sagas.[1]
  • The above quote is a reference to how Ape kind in most Planet of the Apes media regard being angered and offended by being named as a "Monkey" (Since there's a difference between monkeys and apes). Monkeys have tails while apes don't and apes are highly more intelligent than monkeys.


  1. The Planet of the Apes Chronicles, by Paul A. Woods

Krull in Dark Horse Comics' 'Planet Of The Apes: Movie Adaptation'; illustration by Davide Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia and Christopher Ivy

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