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Karubi was Daena's father and the leader of their human tribe, Tek. He escaped with the other human slaves, but stayed behind and gave his life to allow the others to get away. He was killed by Thade while trying to distract the Apes.


  • In the first treatment of William Broyles' story, 'Kirubi' is leader of the barbarian human tribes that form the Clonfert Confederation. His brother Nica has betrayed the Confederation and sided with Thade and the Empire of Derkein.[1] In the first draft script, 'Kirubi' remains leader of the Clonfert Confederation, and Nica his treacherous brother, but now Daena is Kirubi's loyal daughter. He is captured by Thade after a major battle in the opening scenes, later sacrifices his freedom in order to help the others escape (as in the film), but is kept alive in jail until his murder in the final scenes.[2]
  • 'Karubi' is a Japanese name.[3]


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