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Kanj is an evolved chimpanzee who is a member of a tribe of apes in the Rocky Mountains. Kanj is the newborn son of Bryn and Oaka.



Kanj is first seen playing by himself in front of his parents while they discuss the dwindling food situation. Oaka later watches over Kanj while Bryn and Juno leave to talk with Khan after he summons him.

Chapter Two

Kanj is in his mother's arms when Bryn returns with the hunting party after they find steer for the tribe to eat. Bryn takes Kanj into his arms, hugging and playing with him before Bryn and Clarence talk with each other.

At Khan's funeral, Kanj is held by his mother while they conduct the ceremony and set Khan's body to sea and Oaka talks with Bryn and Clarence.


  • Peaceful ending with Bryn: As Bryn looks over the waterfall, Oaka and Kanj arrive and Bryn and his family stand together as they all look over the mountain side (With Juno/Brutus).