Jones was one of three ANSA astronauts that left Earth in August of 1980 to explore the region of space near Alpha Centauri. Exiting a time-distortion field, the ship returned to Earth in the year 3085 after Jonesy activated the Automatic Homing Device. The ship crashed in a woodland region known as Chalo, thirty miles south of Central City in the Western United States. Jonesy was killed instantly. The first to discover his body was an old man named Farrow. Unable to help Jones, he instead pulled the astronaut's two colleagues, Alan Virdon and Peter Burke free from the wreckage. Later, a Prefect from Chalo named Veska discovered Jones' body and ordered a gorilla soldier to bury the remains. Jones was survived by a wife and child (several centuries removed).


  • According to the episode script "Jonesy" is an informal manipulation of the surname, Jones.
  • Footage of "dead" Jones can be found in the 1975 Planet of the Apes trading card series, and the 1975 View-Master reel collection.


  • In the May 1976 issue of the Planet of the Apes Fanclub (UK) newsletter, Apes-fan Steven Gough's short story 'RELIC OF A PAST FORGOTTEN' included the fugitives finding a plaque with the inscription "In memory of those who went first; Alan Virdon - Captain, Peter Burke - Pilot, Edward Jones - Navigator. Crew of the Interstella Mission I, Lost August 1988. Gone but not forgotten." This is purely fan-fiction, but a very early example of it.[1]
  • The 2011 novel Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes featured Edward "Jonesy" Jones, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed 22-year-old pilot on the Juno mission with Landon, presumably the same astronaut. Jones dismissed his colleagues' fears about communist infiltration on the mission but became the first victim of a saboteur, surviving his injuries only by being placed in hibernation until his return to Earth.
  • The short story Message in a Bottle, written by Dayton Ward for the anthology Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone, gave the name of Virdon and Burke's fellow-astronaut as Christopher Jones.[2]