Jonah was the leader of the human Resistance in the Planet of the Apes. Having heard of an ancient prophecy about a human saviour arriving from the sky, Jonah arranged for Ulysses' escape from the Ape laboratories. Ulysses was taken to a monastery where Jonah and the leadership of the Resistance explained the situation to him - that this was Earth in Ulysses far future, that the Apes had taken control of the entire planet, that they planned to exterminate all humans and that only Ulysses could succeed in recovering the ancient artifacts that would be the key to humanity's salvation. The artifacts were three parts of a guidance mechanism owned by the rebelious human Ellisians. A gold part was held by Jonah, inherited from Ezekiel's faction. After Ulysses had recovered the glass part belonging to John's extinct faction, and while he was meeting professor Cornelius to discuss the mis-use of his research by Ursus, Jonah heard news of the final, silver part left to Tomas' faction, and went in search of it himself. Jonah was captured and Ulysses went to rescue him from the Ape prison. However, Jonah was so badly tortured that he would not survive an escape. In addition, he was wearing an explosive charge shackled to his foot, which would detonate two minutes after he left his cell. Jonah passed on the whereabouts of the final part to Ulysses before instructing him to carry him to a certain area of the prison. There, the explosion of his shackles, while killing him, blew a hole in the wall leading to a disused military barracks next door, through which Ulysses was able to escape.



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