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The skeleton of President Fergus

President John Fergus was the last President in the face of the successful Ape rebellion. When Ulysses traveled to the long-forgotten human headquarters at the Pentagon he heard a voice recording of President Fergus, explaining that the last human resistance had fallen and that the Apes had won. He found a skeleton slouched at the presidential desk, presumably that of Fergus, along with details of a medical test carried out on the President. This report stated that his full name was John Oliver Fergus, born 01-17-2278, blood group 'A'. He was suffering from symptoms not related to any blood abnormalities, but more likely due to the stressful circumstances of living in the underground bunker, coupled with the "serious events" occurring outside. After meeting the Akanites, Ulysses watched a holographic recording of President Fergus helpfully explaining the history of the Ape rebellion and its origins.