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Joanna Barnes is an actress featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. Born in Boston and raised in the same home that her family has occupied since the 1630s, Barnes was offered an acting contract with Columbia Pictures shortly after her graduation. Her movies include Spartacus, The Parent Trap and The War Wagon, and she was a frequent guest star on many TV shows. She appeared in the 1974 Planet of the Apes episode "Up Above the World So High" as Carsia. In the episode she reunited with Frank Aletter, having guested on a 1961 episode of his series Bringing Up Buddy. In 1998 Barnes starred in the remake of The Parent Trap as the mother of the character she had originally played. She is also a distinguished novelist, her books, including 'The Deceivers' (1970), 'Pastora' (1980) and 'Silverwood' (1985), having been published in Italy, France, England, Sweden, Portugal and Brazil. As a journalist, her syndicated column, 'Touching Home', was for many years carried by The Chicago Tribune and New York News Syndicate.[1]

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