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Haristas was an orangutan that lived on Soror thousands of years before the coming of the Ulysses and his companions from Earth in La Planète des Singes.


Thousands of years ago on Soror, Haristas was an ape of considerable authority who held beliefs that only apes could possess a soul. In addition he maintained that the planet Soror was the center of the world despite learned simians at the time knowing the claim to be false.

However since the orangutans write all the educational books on Soror, they propagated this falsity along with other grotesque errors among the simian youth. Only recently have these textbooks have been corrected, mostly spurred by the scientific reforms of the chimpanzees, embarking on a regular campaign to disparage the old idol's axioms.


  • Haristas was later adapted to the orangutan character, the Lawgiver in the Planet of the Apes franchise.