The Great Khan or The Golden Khan was the leader of a distinctly East Asia great civilisation of ape and human co-operation. In the retelling of the legends of the origins of The Golden, there were many similarities to the story of King Kong. The Golden had an enormous flotilla of warships which roamed the seas and traded weapons to Sullivan's band of human rebels from the city of Mak via the Atlantic coast. The Kahn was fanatical in his belief in ape/human equality, to the unease of the people of Mak. He shaved his gorilla hair entirely, with the exception of an oriental style moustache, and was married to the human Princess Wenchgeng, although he had many concubines of different species and planned to add Alaya to his list. Even though the Khan expressed great admiration for the teachings of the Lawgiver, both Alaya and Sullivan felt threatened by the Khan's ambitions to become overlord of all North America, each wanting to control Mak themselves. They combined forces in a futile to defend the city but were both killed in the battle. Having conquered the city, the Khan was confronted by Sister Martha and the followers of Brother Kale's cult, who detonated a nuclear bomb and destroyed Mak.



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