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Lt. Col. Grace Alexander, together with Leo, was a chimpanzee trainer on the Oberon space station in 2029, training the apes how to fly the space pods.


Grace had a strong affinity with the apes and chided Leo for teasing Pericles with food. She was also a close friend of Leo, who gave her a hard time because she was so dedicated to the chimpanzees which she trained and looked after. Leo joked with her that she needed a boyfriend rather than all of her chimps.

When Leo found the ancient wreck of the Oberon and it's distress message, in addition to a recording of an elderly Vasich he also saw an aged Grace fearfully reporting that the apes had revolted and were about to attack the remaining human crew: "... the others have fled with the children to the mountains. ... The apes are out of control. One male named Semos, who I raised myself, has taken over the pack. He's extremely brutal. ... We have some weapons but ... I don't know how much longer we'll last. ... Maybe I saw the truth when they were young and wouldn't admit it. We taught them too well. They were apt pupils ... " Her message ended with a scream.

Semos kept the unfortunate Grace as a prisoner for many years.

In the novel

In William T. Quick's two novels detailing the the aftermath of the Oberon's crash on the planet Ashlar, Grace and fellow-survivor Molly Benavides decided to instill genetic improvements in an unborn chimp fetus to improve the colony's chances of survival. Jonathan was born safely and raised by Molly, who had recently given birth to a son, David, fathered by Leo before he had disappeared in space. The status of apes in the new society was little more than that of slaves and soldiers, which caused resentment from Jonathan. Secretly plotting a society of free apes, Jonathan waited until the native lifefoms (the 'Brax') had been defeated before launching a vicious slaughter of almost all the humans (in 2048). Jonathan rejected his human name and called himself 'Semos'. Molly, David, and a small group of others escaped, to become the ancestors of the humans Leo would encounter 3000 years later.


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