Gold Key Comics was a comic book publishing company established by Western Publishing in 1962. Western had had a very successful comics partnership with Dell Publishing since 1939, but a dispute that year led to their separation. Western began Gold Key as it's in-house operation, retaining the production staff who had worked on their comics to date, while Dell, who had provided the financial and administrative side of the partnership, began their own line of comics with a completely new creative team but keeping the Dell name and logo.[1] Although noted for original adventure concepts such as Solar, Man of the Atom, and Magnus, Robot Fighter, Gold Key also specialized in producing comic titles for various licensed properties including Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Star Trek. The company had a series called Movie Comics which ran from 1962 to 1972 and featured over fifty movies adapted into comics. In 1970 as part of this series, Gold Key Comics published the first Planet of the Apes comic book - a one-shot movie adaptation of Beneath the Planet of the Apes drawn by Alberto Giolitti.

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