Georges was a minor character in La Planète des Singes.


Over ten thousand years ago Georges was a chimpanzee that was a test animal to scientist. The scientist had been working on a cure for cancer and believed he found a way to cure it. Wanting to put it to the test like all his previous discoveries, decided to test it on an ape. The apes who had been undergoing a mass mental development began to protest these experiments. The scientist and his two assistants selected Georges to be the injected with the infection.

Despite taking precautions, the scientist and his two assistants were overpowered by six of the gorillas that were the lab. Under the command of Georges, who mimicked his former master's actions had the three tied down whilst he administered the injection. The humans then became the test subjects and found themselves in cages. Due to the gentle treatment he received from his human master, Georges treated them well. A few days later the scientist began to feel the signs of cancer in his body as did Georges. Overhearing that Georges intended to develop the cure himself, the scientist panicked believing that the ape's efforts would kill him. The scientist managed to escape escape the cage and make his way to the human encampment outside the ape controlled town.

The man having only two months to live, spent the remainder of his life playing and dozing with the regressing men and women.

Millennia later the account of his ordeal survived, passed to a descendant that became part of a cerebral experiment by a chimpanzee named Hélius who discovered a way to access the atavistic memories of her ancestors. It was later recounted by the female descendant before Ulysses who explaining how the apes on Soror rose to power.


  • George Taylor in the Planet of the Apes franchise became the main character of the first two movies.
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