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Gen-Sys Laboratories, commonly known as Gen-Sys, was a biotechnology company based in San Francisco.


Bright Eyes' Rampage[]

Under the supervision of Steven Jacobs, it was here where Will Rodman attempted to develop a viral "cure" for Alzheimer's Disease over a course of five years. Among the chimpanzee test subjects were Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes was given the ALZ-112 drug which increased her mental capabilities, but later went berserk and was shot down just as Will was announcing his progress to members of the board. The project was shut down as a result and the test apes were euthanized, but Will adopted the new-born child of Bright Eyes, Caesar, who developed remarkable intelligence as a result of his mother's exposure to the virus.

Creation of the End[]

Eight years later, after Will's success in giving the drug to his own father, Charles Rodman, who suffered from the Alzheimer's, Gen-Sys began developing a newer and stronger version - "ALZ-113" - which proved to be fatal to humans yet gave a higher intelligence to apes. Robert Franklin was exposed and inadvertently infected others, eventually kickstarting the Simian Flu Pandemic that caused the near extinction of humanity.[1]

Later, Caesar led an ape rebellion, attacking the labs and liberating the test apes. As this was happening, Jacobs learned of the lab's experiments being hazardous to humans before he saw the freed apes and fled. The apes fled the labs and stormed through the city before engaging in a battle against the authorities on the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite casualties on both sides, the apes emerged victorious and established their home in the Muir Woods.

Later, the scandal precipitated by Gen-Sys and the link between the drug testing and Gen-Sys became public knowledge. Meanwhile, the ALZ-113 spread across the world, resulting in the Simian Flu outbreak and the collapse of human civilization. Gen-Sys was shut down and rendered defunct before the initial wave ended.

Known Members[]

Name Status Position Photo
Steven Jacobs Deceased CEO
Will Rodman Deceased Scientist
Robert Franklin Deceased Chimp Handler
Donnie Thompson Deceased Chimp Handler
Linda Andersen Deceased Lab Assistant


The Gen-Sys Building consisted of:

  • Steven Jacobs' Office: Where Steven Jacobs did most of his work.
  • Test Room: Where Robert Franklin handled the tests that showed the chimps' intelligence.
  • Holding Room: Which housed cells holding individual chimpanzees, along with their caretakers.
  • Eye Testing: Where tests were held on the visual skills of the chimpanzees.
  • Trial Room: Where drugs were tested on the ape subjects.


  • In an earlier version of the script, vans from the federal Center for Disease Control arrive to clean up the area around the lab after the mass-breakout by the apes. The CDC also featured in unused Apes screenplays written by Terry Hayes (Return of the Apes, 1995) and Sam Hamm (Planet of the Apes, 1995).
  • Gen-Sys is a possible abbreviation for Genetical Synthesis or Genetical System(s).
  • Some of the laboratory scenes were shot "at the British Columbia Institute Of Technology's Aerospace Campus in Richmond; a 300,000-square-foot facility whose smooth, gunmetal and dark-glass styling suits the story's present-day-to-very-close-future setting, doubling as it does for the Gen-Sys research facility."[2]


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See Also[]


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  2. The Great Escape, by Dan Jolin - Empire Magazine (August 2011)
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