Farrow's Shelter

Farrow's Secret Cave

Farrow's Shelter (also known as Farrow's Secret Cave) is an old bomb shelter built several centuries before the rise of the apes. In the year 3083, an old human male named Farrow discovered the shelter and used it to hide from the apes. He also discovered a supply of old books left inside. Farrow was illiterate, so he used the books as kindling for a fire. One book however, he kept hidden beneath a loose rock in the floor. Farrow liked this book because it contained lots of photographs which amused him. In 3085, Farrow discovered the crashed remains of a space vessel. He pulled two surviving astronauts free from the ship and brought them back to his shelter where he nursed their injuries. When the astronauts awoke, they introduced themselves as Alan Virdon and Peter Burke.