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Farrow was an elderly human who lived just outside of Central City near the old ruins of San Francisco.

In 3083, Farrow discovered a small underground grotto and turned it into his home. Farrow had no friends, and almost no interaction with the nearby ape community. Although he was illiterate, Farrow enjoyed collecting old books and would spend his free time leafing through the pages admiring the pictures. One of the books in his collection, revealed evidence of a pre-Apocalptic civilization during a time when humans were the dominant species, and apes were lower order animals.

In the year 3085, Farrow had been out foraging when a young chimpanzee named Arno and his dog discovered him. The dog (known only as "Dog") chased Farrow, forcing him to scale a tree. Before the animal could terrorize him any further, a great gust of wind blew through the area, signaling the arrival of a crashing space vessel.

Arno and the dog immediately fled to alert the apes, but Farrow's curiosity prodded him to inspect the craft on his own. Upon entering the cockpit of the ship, he discovered three American astronauts, one of whom (Jonesy) had been killed in the crash. The surviving astronauts were Colonel Alan Virdon and Major Peter Burke. Almost immediately, ape soldiers began to converge upon the scene. Upon seeing the articulate apes, Virdon and Burke mistakenly believed that they had crashed on another planet.

Knowing that the gorilla soldiers would arrest the humans, Farrow invited them to stay in his grotto. He showed them one of his books, which revealed to the astronauts that they had in fact traveled forward through time from the year 1980. Farrow provided the two with food and suitable clothing. Before long however, the apes captured Virdon and Burke with the intent of executing them. Farrow tried to help his newfound friends, but a well-placed shot from a gorilla soldier's rifle ended his life.


  • The character of Farrow was played by actor Royal Dano in the 1974 Planet of the Apes television series.



  1. Date approximated based upon the age of the actor at the time of filming