Elta was an ape that lived in Central City in the late 31st century. She was the wife of gorilla Chief of Security Urko. When Urko was trapped underground with Burke, they attempted to communicate with a rescue party above them. To prove his identity to the gorilla sergeants topside, Urko revealed his wife's name.


  • Elta's name was referenced only in the Planet of the Apes television episode "The Trap", but she never made an actual appearance.
  • Presumably, Elta was a gorilla, though her species was never specified. It is unlikely that Urko (who appeared to harbour a bias against apes of a different species) would choose a wife who was not a gorilla.

Short StoryEdit

The short story Who is this man? What sort of devil is he?, written by Robert Greenberger for the anthology Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone, is a direct sequel to 'The Trap' and incorporates Rod Serling's nebulous TV series concept into the officially-licensed continuity of the TV series. In it, Urko tells his wife Elta and son Urso about his encounter with an earlier astronaut crew, and his having killed Bengsten, LaFever, Thomas and - accidentally - Zira. The fourth astronaut is here named 'Charles' and he escaped but is presumed dead.[1]


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