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Eileen Dietz Elber (also credited as Eileen Dietz) is an American actress featured in the Planet of the Apes television series. She played the role of Jillia in the episode, "The Good Seeds". Dietz recalled, “I had just finished shooting 'The Exorcist' in New York, where I played the demon who possesses the child. They applied makeup to make me resemble both the child and the devil, so I was used to spending hours in the makeup chair. They had this big room, with rows of people getting ape makeup put on. You had to eat with a mirror in front of your face, because you couldn’t tell where the snout was. It was weird, drinking everything through a straw. The only uncomfortable thing about the costume was that the feet had sneakers in them, so your feet would sweat. But it was a fun show to do, and everyone, particularly Roddy [McDowall], was very nice to me. It was a good episode that examined themes of racism, fears and prejudice. It’s poignant how Jillia wants Galen to remain behind with her.” “Everybody loves the TV series now. When I’m a guest at conventions, people can’t wait to talk about it. I’ll say, ‘Look, I was only on the show, not the movies’, and they’ll go, ‘It’s the TV series we want to know about. We love it!’”[1]

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