Editorial Mo.Pa.Sa was an Argentinian publishing company which released a series of seven Planet of the Apes comics in 1977, in Spanish and under the title El Planeta De Los Simios. The comics included all-new comic strips featuring characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series. The stories were written by Jorge Claudio Morhain and illustrated by Sergio Alejandro Mulko, with the exception of issue 5 which was written by Ricardo Barreiro and illustrated by T. Toledo. The editor of issues 1-6 was Jose Alegre Asmar. For the seventh issue, the name of the company had been changed to Editorial Tynset S.A. ("to avoid legal problems"), with Ruben D. Ocampo acting as editor. A further five adventures written by Morhain remained unpublished, but outlines of the stories were included in Timeline of the Planet of the Apes by Rich Handley.[1]

The comics have been translated into English by a group of Apes fans and made available online with the new text added.

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