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We raise eagles, my clan. Sing to them, so they know us. A bond.
Noa describing his clan to Raka[src]

The Eagle Clan is an ape colony located somewhere in the state of California in North America.



300 years after Caesar had led his clan of apes to the Hidden Oasis following the Human-Ape War, the evolved apes have since increased in numbers and established numerous clans around the world. One such clan was established near the ruins of Los Angeles and became notable for forming symbiotic bonds with eagles and engaging in falconry practices, becoming the Eagle Clan. The clan also knew about feral humans, whom they referred to as "Echos" and deemed them scavengers.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

300 years after the Human-Ape War, the son of the clan's leader, Noa, and his friends, Soona and Anaya were preparing for a coming-of-age ceremony; which involved collecting eagle eggs. But after Noa had accidentally cracked his egg; during a scuffle; with a human scavenger that; followed him home, he left to find a replacement egg. When Noa had returned, he had found that; his village was set ablaze and being raided; by Proximus Caesar's followers; with his father, Koro preparing to fight against Sylva. As Noa had attempted to defend his village, Koro was killed; by Sylva; who then left Noa for dead after subduing him. By the next morning, the village was left in ruins and the remaining members of the clan were taken to the Coastal Ape Colony and used as slave labor to open an old military bunker.

As Noa had strived to bring his clanmates back home, he encountered a human, named Mae and an orangutan, named Raka; who was the last known member of the Order of Caesar. During his journey, he had discovered Mae's intelligence and capability to speak while being taught; by Raka, the legacy and teachings of Caesar, a legendary chimpanzee; known to strive for peace for both apes and humans; during his time. As the journey continued, Noa was eventually ambushed and captured; before being taken to the Coastal Ape Colony; with Mae, witnessing Raka's supposed death from drowning. There, Noa had reunited; with his mother and friends. Although Noa was confident that; he could liberate his clan, Dar and Soona somberly stated that; the Eagle Clan now belonged to Proximus and he should accept it for his safety.

Several days later, Noa had insisted that; Mae tell him the truth, Noa sought help from Anaya and Soona to help him and Mae destroy the dam to prevent its arsenal from being used; by Proximus. After finding their way; into the vault, Noa and his friends discovered advanced human technology and literature books that; showed humans as the dominant species once. Mae blew up the dam to destroy the bunker, although the Eagle Clan had survived the flood; by climbing to higher ground. As Noa had; made it to higher ground, he was challenged; by Proximus; who brutally beat him and proclaimed that the Eagle Clan would personally witness Noa's death for destroying his kingdom. Before Noa was defeated, he had used his father's song to attract nearby eagles and guide them to attack Proximus; with the entire Eagle Clan following suit, causing Proximus to fall off the cliff to his death.

With the Eagle Clan liberated, they had returned to their homeland to rebuild it; with Noa serving as their new leader.

Known Inhabitants

Ape Status Species Position/Title


Koro Deceased Chimpanzee Leader of the Eagle Clan
Master of Birds
Noa Alive Chimpanzee Son of Koro & Dar
Leader of the Eagle Clan
Master of Birds
Soona Alive Chimpanzee Member
Anaya Alive Chimpanzee Member
Dar Alive Chimpanzee Teacher
Oda Deceased Chimpanzee Warrior
Luna Alive Chimpanzee Elder
Unnamed Elder Deceased Chimpanzee Elder
Unnamed Elder
Chimpanzee children Alive Chimpanzee Members
Eagle Clan Children


  • The Eagle Clan are well known for training eagles to become hunters and scouts.
  • Unlike other ape clans, this clans does not include bonobos, gorillas, or orangutans.
  • They don't appear to have any army to protect them, with Oda serving as the sole enforcer for the Elders.


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