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Donkeys were what Alpha-Omega called the apes who sided with them in the war against the San Francisco Ape Colony. Most of these Donkeys defected either out of fear of Caesar or loyalty to Koba.

Under the command of J. Wesley McCullough, the donkeys served as mere slaves, being used to do their bidding like carrying weapons, enforcement, and helping move equipment. They were also forced to have "Donkey" painted on their backs and the Greek letters for Alpha and Omega, branded on either temple.



Led by Red, these apes were originally followers of Koba who attempted to overthrow Caesar. However, the coup failed and they fled to avoid being found by Caesar. Soon, they sided with Colonel McCullough's forces for survival and revenge against Caesar. The Donkeys were formed and branded, so they would not be mistaken for the enemy, with Red selected as leader.

War for the Planet of the Apes[]

Under McCullough's command, the Donkeys were used to do menial tasks such as carrying weapons and helping move equipment. Red and a few other Donkeys were used to help Alpha-Omega scout out Ceasar's base for an attack. However, the attack failed with only Red and four soldiers surviving.

A gorilla named Winter joined the Donkeys in an act of cowardice after giving the location of Ape Waterfall to Alpha-Omega, resulting in the deaths of Cornelia and Blue Eyes. He was later confronted by Caesar, who told him the consequences on his cowardice before inadvertently suffocating Winter when the latter attempted to call for help. Later, when Caesar and his ape colony were captured to build a defensive wall, the Donkeys enforced the ape colony.

During the Battle of the Border, the Donkeys were wiped out when Caesar blew up the defensive wall that they were stationed on. Red redeemed himself in his last moments by killing Preacher and saving Caesar, allowing Caesar to blow up the wall and the base, saving the rest of the apes.

Known Members[]

A total of twelve chimpanzees and two gorillas have served Colonel McCullough as Donkeys, Most of these were former Koba Loyalists, except for the evolved albino gorilla, Winter, who joined McCullough out of fear and not just because of loyalty to Koba.

Known Members[]

Ape Species Status Position Photo
Red Gorilla Deceased Leader
Winter Gorilla Deceased Soldier
Pongo Chimpanzee Deceased Soldier
Unnamed Donkey Chimpanzee Deceased Soldier
Unnamed Donkey 2 Chimpanzee Deceased Soldier
Donkey with Whip

Equipment and Training[]

  • Guns: The Donkeys, already trained and experienced soldiers of Caesar's Ape Army before their defection, were also given access, to some degree, to human weaponry, such as firearms and explosives by their Human superiors. They were presumably trained in their use by Alpha Omega.
  • Expert Tacticians: The Donkeys were likely given some degree of formal military training in human small unit tactics and maybe even higher level strategy.


  • Due to his white fur, the Alpha-Omega soldiers used black ink for the "Donkey" tattoo on Winter's back.


  • According to director Matt Reeves, the name "Donkeys" is both a reference to the video game character Donkey Kong and like donkeys, they are used as pack animals.

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