Dianne Stanley

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Diane Stanley was an American actress who played the role of Stewart in the 1968 film Planet of the Apes. She won beauty pageants before briefly moving into acting, but her only other credit was in the Elvis Presley film Speedway (1968). Stanley went on to have a family of one daughter (with whom she was pregnant during the filming of Apes) and one son, but passed away in 1993 from complicated health issues.


  • For a long time within the fan community, it was erroneously believed that actress Natalie Trundy had played the role of Stewart.
  • It was also suggested that Dianne Stanley became the writer and producer Diane Messina Stanley. However, this person adopted the name 'Stanley' only after her marriage, whereas the actress in question was born Dianne Stanley.
  • The Internet Movie Database credits this actress in the 1966 low-budget erotic film Bad Girls for the Boys, under the slightly different name 'Diane Stanley'. However, the actress in this film bears no resemblance to Dianne Stanley and it appears they are two different people.
  • In the original film the character is only referred to as Lt. Stewart. However, a bonus feature from the Blu-Ray Planet of the Apes Box-Set released in November 2008 ('ANSA Public Service Announcement') gave her the first name Maryann.
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