Award-winning novelist Daryl Gregory (author of The Devil’s Alphabet and Pandemonium) is the writer of BOOM! Studios' main Planet of the Apes comic series, which launched in April 2011.

Gregory grew up in Chicago in the '70s when, he remembers, "WGN had the 'Apes' movies running on near-continuous repeat, every weekend... so these movies are baked into my consciousness".[1] In 2010, he started scripting Dracula: Company of Monsters for BOOM! Studios, with a story by Kurt Busiek - his first experience in comics. BOOM!'s editor-in-chief, Matt Gagnon, then asked if he was interested in writing a new series on Planet of the Apes too.[2] "I'm not sure how long BOOM! [had] been talking to Fox, but Matt called me sometime in November." "I was extremely interested. I'd been a fan of the movies since I was a kid. And then Matt told me we could use anything in the classic mythology, and set the story at any time period. By the next day, I had an outline to him."[3] "As for why BOOM! decided to do an 'Apes' book now, I'm sure it had something to do with Rise of the Apes, and the fact that interest was growing." "All I know is that FOX approved the storyline I pitched to the editors, so I'm happy."[4] "I'm still brand new to comics, so I consider myself a science fiction writer who's stumbled into a terrific side job. I've been a fan of comics since I could read, and it's been a thrill to learn how to tell stories in this medium."[3]

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