Counterparts are first introduced in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Counterparts are apes and humans who are very similar in their goals for survival. Sometimes, one ape or human may have more then one counterpart.

Known Counterparts

Ape Status Photo Human Status Photo
Caesar Deceased
Caesar strikes.png
Malcolm Alive
Malcolm wakes Ellie.jpg
Cornelia Deceased
ASC Apes2 Cornelia FacePaint v6 12 21 12 .jpg
Ellie Alive
Oh my god - Ellie.jpg
Blue Eyes Deceased
River screeches as Carver advances on his brother.png
Alexander Alive
Alexander holds the book he teaches Maurice to read.jpg
Koba Deceased
Koba with machine gun.png
Dreyfus and Carver Both Deceased
Dreyfus listens to Caesar.jpg


  • Malcolm and Caesar are very similar as they both have sons, both want peace between their people and are both married.
  • Ellie and Cornelia are both mothers or in Ellie's case she's Alexander's step-mother. Ellie once had a daughter who died during the Simian Flu outbreak.
  • Dreyfus and Carver can be considered counterparts to Koba, because they want all the apes dead while Koba wants all the humans dead.
  • Blue Eyes and Alexander are very similar because they both have troubled relationships with their fathers.


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