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Professor Cornelius story was re-told in the Apes Game For PC. When Ulysses encountered General Ursus in the ruins of the human city, he discovered the reason for the presence of his gorilla army there: Ursus had a report authored by Cornelius about the possibilities of genetically improving the Ape species. Ursus had used this 'A.E. project' report as the basis for new, secret experiments to enhance the genetics of gorillas only, so that they could become the dominant species on the planet. Ulysses decided that, as Cornelius was known to be sympathetic to humans, he would try to meet him in his university. He found Cornelius to be friendly, having heard about Ulysses from his wife, Zira. He was shocked at the plans of Ursus and promised to destroy his research so it could not be abused by anyone.



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