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Planet of the Apes: Colony was a novel published by HarperCollins in 2002 to tie-in with the previous year's movie re-imagining, Planet of the Apes. The book, written by William T. Quick, was a sequel to his novel Planet of the Apes: The Fall, and picked up after the genetically engineered apes of the crashed space station Oberon had brutally overthrown their human masters. It featured Glaucos and Glyppos, the twin sons of Aspasia, in their New Hope colony.


A race of intelligent primates made the distant world of Ashlar their home. Over the years their numbers grew. Needing more room, the colony sent scouts into the unknown land beyond. But by venturing forward, the apes were encroaching upon hostile ground - where creatures dwelt that could rip an adult simian to pieces in less than an instant; monstrous reptilians whose incredible savagery was equaled only by their awesome brainpower. To venture into their midst was almost certain doom - but to remain behind would be suicide, because another foe was lurking in the shadows: the enemy called man. And in the ruins of a crashed human starship a hideous melding of brain, flesh, and metal lived on - waiting... plotting... refusing to die as long as a single ape drew breath on the planet.


  • Events from much later in this timeline (though still set before the film) were covered in a series of 'junior novels' published by HarperEntertainment in 2002.