Celia was a female Orangutan child who was the granddaughter of Dr. Zaius.


Celia was an Orangutan child who lived with her parents in a village with her parents far from Ape City during the latter half of the 40th century, she was also the granddaughter of Dr. Zaius. Zaius came to visit her and her parents shortly before heading out with General Ursus to the Forbidden Zone on an expedition, she was also revealed to have a special place in Zaius' heart.

However during the visit Zaius upset her by destroying her favorite human doll Starfire, due to her believing that humans could talk due to the incidents with Taylor and Landon. As a result Zaius was told to leave by an angry Senia.

Tragically it was the last time Zaius would see his beloved granddaughter as a few days later Celia along with Vitus and Senia were killed when Taylor detonated the Alpha-Omega Bomb destroying the entire Earth.


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