Catch A Falling Star was the backup story featured in MR Comics' Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #6. It was written by Ty Templeton, with art by Steve Molnar and Bernie Mireault, and showed an alternate vision of the future.


Dr. Zaius, while overseeing an archeological dig, took a nap to escape the heat and dreamt of an alternate universe in which a more advanced ape society had suffered centuries of war with the mutants. In his dream, Zaius visited a chimpanzee scientist called Dr. Milo, to tell him a spaceship had been spotted falling from the sky - Taylor's ship, prophecized to bring doomsday to their world. Milo scoffed at the notion, dismissing the Divinity of Taylor and Caesar as myth. Zaius showed him millennia-old pages from Caesar's journals, describing how Milo, Zira and Cornelius traveled into the past. Caesar's existence was against God's Law, Zaius said - Aldo was supposed to lead the ape rebellion, not Caesar. Thus, to prevent them from going back in time and causing Caesar's birth, Zaius had come to kill Milo. He stabbed the young chimp, only to find the pages now contained his own name instead of Milo's. At that moment, Zaius awakened to find Cornelius and another chimp standing over him. Cornelius introduced the newest member of their expedition; an engineer named Milo, who was quite mechanically gifted. As Zaius tried to recall where he'd heard the name before, a bright light streaked across the sky. The apes thought it a falling star, but it was really the ship commanded by Col. Taylor.

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