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Caesar's Family consists of both human and ape members that appear in the Arthur P. Jacobs franchise of Planet of the Apes films.

Known Members

  • Cornelius - Zira's husband, Caesar's father, Cornelius' grandfather, Lucius' uncle (by marriage) and Lisa's father-in-law; murdered by Dr. Otto Hasslein.
  • Zira - Cornelius' wife, Caesar's mother, Cornelius' grandmother, Lucius' aunt and Lisa's mother-in-law; murdered.
  • Caesar (born Milo) - Zira and Cornelius' son, Cornelia's father, Lucius' cousin and Lisa's husband.
  • Lucius - Zira and Cornelius' nephew and Caesar's cousin; died when the planet was blown up.
  • Lisa - Caesar's wife, Cornelius' mother and Cornelius and Zira's daughter-in-law.
  • Cornelius II - Caesar and Lisa's son and Zira and Cornelius' grandson; killed by Aldo and his Gorillas.
  • Alexander - Caesar and Lisa's grandson, Zira and Cornelius' great-grandson, Coure's husband and Milo's father.
  • Coure - Alexander's wife, Milo's mother, Caesar and Lisa's granddaughter-in-law and Zira and Cornelius' great-granddaughter-in-law.
  • Milo - Alexander and Coure's son, Caesar and Lisa's great-grandson and Zira and Cornelius' great-great-grandson.
  • Armando - Caesar's adoptive human father who raised him after the deaths of Cornelius and Zira; commited suicide to protect Caesar's identity.


  • The name "Cornelius" is reused in the CE franchise for the wife of Caesar, Cornelia who may have also been named after Julius Caesar's wife Cornelia Cinna Minor. "Cornelia" is the female version of the name "Cornelius".
  • "Caesar" in the original franchise shares striking personality similarities to his CE franchise counterpart also named Caesar. The CE version of Caesar was named "Caesar" at birth while Armando, the APJ franchise Caesar's adoptive human father renamed a then infant Caesar who was originally named Milo at birth to hide his identity as the biological child of the slain Cornelius and Zira.
  • Cornelia from the CE franchise is very similar to Lisa. They both married their own Caesar and beared their husbands sons. Unlike Lisa however who only gave birth to Cornelius, Cornelia is the mother of two sons by her husband.
  • The name "Armando" is an anagram for "Rodman" the surname of the adoptive human family of Caesar in the CE franchise. "Armando" as an extra letter.


  • Caesar and Lisa named their son after Caesar's father, Cornelius despite never having known him.
  • Andy Serkis joked that Caesar (in the CE films) and Cornelia's youngest son Milo (in the CE films) was named Will as a way of honoring Caesar's adoptive father. This is a parallel to Caesar and Lisa (in the APJ films) naming their son after Caesar's own father Cornelius.