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Caesar's Council of Apes is a council formed by Caesar that creates the rules that the San Francisco Ape Colony abide by. It may also make decisions on other matters of the colony. The council contains apes that Caesar trusts the most or has a close relationship with.



Ape King Caesar and these apes overlook the lifestyle and decisions seen as best for their colony. These apes are not only some of the strongest and wisest but are also Caesar's closest friends and relatives whom he puts only the utmost trust and faith in. Although not explicitly stated, it appears there are ten seats on the council.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm[]

After the Ape Rebellion, the Council first formed after the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge with Caesar, Rocket and Maurice to form a plan to escape the humans hunting them.[1]

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes[]

When humans were rediscovered in the woods and one of them shot Rocket's son Ash. the council discussed the matter of what to do about this new potential threat. The apes had a heated argument with a majority of apes wanting to go to war with the humans while the rest pitched in the risks of not doing so. such as the number of humans or guns and why the humans came to the woods in the first place. Tensions began to rise ending with Caesar yelling at them to stop and list the reasons for not going to war before stating the apes could lose everything they worked so hard to create. The Ape King said he would make a decision by the morning ending the meeting. After the meeting, Koba went to seek Caesar, telling him about his years of torment with humans and says they must show a sign of strength to the humans to which the king said they would.

War for the Planet of the Apes[]

After the Human-Ape War started, Spear, Winter, Lake and Percy joined the council. A meeting was held to decide where they would flee from the human soldiers, who were advancing on their position daily. Blue Eyes and Rocket proposed fleeing to a desert, believing the soldiers wouldn't dare follow that far. Winter spoke out that they should flee by the night, but the group protested that it would be risky given the sheer mass they would have to transfer so quickly. After Blue Eyes calmed Winter down, Caesar stated they would first figure out a safe route before going through with the plan. Afterwards. the council meeting ended.

Known Members[]

Ape Status Species Position/Title Photo
Caesar Deceased Chimpanzee King of the Ape Colony/Founder
Caesar shakes on a deal with Malcolm
Rocket Deceased Chimpanzee Second-in-Command of the Ape Army
Maurice Deceased Orangutan Third-in-Command of the Ape Army/Teacher/Overseer of the Ape Colony/Advisor of Caesar
Maurice (ROPOTA)
Luca Deceased Gorilla Fourth-in-Command of the Ape Army/Chief of the Gorilla Guard
Unnamed Gorilla
Koba Deceased Bonobo Co-Commander of the Ape Army/Traitor
Koba in Ape Village
Blue Eyes Deceased Chimpanzee First Prince of the Ape Colony
An injured River speaks with his father
Ash Deceased Chimpanzee Member of the Ape Army/Rocket's son
Grey Deceased Chimpanzee Member of the Ape Army/Traitor
Stone Deceased Chimpanzee Member of the Ape Army/Redeemed Traitor
Winter Deceased Gorilla  Gorilla Guardian/Traitor
Cornelia Deceased Chimpanzee Queen of the Ape Colony
Spear Deceased Chimpanzee Member of the Ape Army
Percy Deceased Orangutan Member of the Ape Elders
WPOTA Orangutan Elder 2
Lake Deceased Chimpanzee Caretaker of the Ape Younglings


  • The council is very similar to the ape councils in the original films and sources with Caesar at its head as its leader while his wife, Cornelia sits as his queen. The couple's son, Blue Eyes also sits on the council as their heir in the same way Cornelius II sat on his own father's council as his parents' heir in the original films.
  • Like Aldo in the original films, Caesar's rival Koba sits on the council.
  • Cornelia sits on her husband's council, the way Lisa did in the original films.
  • Following the deaths of Caesar and Blue Eyes, Maurice or Rocket likely became the new head of the Ape Council until Cornelius became old enough to officially become the next head of the Ape Council.

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