Brown Watson was a London, UK-based publisher who released a series of three Planet of the Apes annuals between 1975 and 1977. The books featured all-new comic strips and short stories, illustrated by John Bolton and Oliver Frey, along with articles about the Planet of the Apes series. The annuals, released only on the UK market, were notable as the only officially-sanctioned comic strips to feature characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.

'Journey Into Terror' (1975) 'Galen's Guerrillas' (1976) 'Ship Of Fools' (1976) 'From Out Of The Sky' (1977)

In 1979, Peter and Brian Babani, who were then bosses of the company, left in order to set up Grandreams, where they continued to publish annuals with great frequency. They took most of their licences with them, but by this time Apes fandom had dropped off the radar.[1]

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