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Birn is a young member of "Tek" human clan who is captured along with Daena, Karubi, and Leo by Apes during a roundup.


When the three escape, the boy insists on being up front with Leo and the others as part of their plan to surprise the Apes. When the boy doesn't stay behind as told, he gets caught in the stirrup of his horse and has to be saved by Leo who cuts him free and then runs on foot, while the brave foolish boy rides to safety on his horse. He is seen fighting alongside Limbo.



  • When Leo and Daena first escape, Daena says she will not leave her family behind in the city. They seem to intentionally search for Birn to free him, implying that he is related to Daena in some way. They demonstrate a close bond during the rest of the film, perhaps indicating that they are sister and younger brother.
  • 'Birn' is a Scandinavian name.[1]


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