Beverly Garland was an actress featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. Garland featured in 41 films - including numerous 1950s B-movies, making her début in D.O.A. in 1950 - and nearly 700 television shows, including Ford Theatre, Playhouse 90 and Decoy. Casting director Marvin Paige remembered her work on Decoy and asked her to play the part of Wanda in the Planet of the Apes episode "The Interrogation". She recalled, "Several days before shooting we were called to Fox and segments from earlier scenes showing how apes walk were screened to us. After some instructions we all had to get up and have our 'ape walk' graded and we were not excused until we were all perfect. Then we went to make-up for measurements for all the rubber prostheses for the whole face - forehead, cheek bones, mouth - as well as feet and hands."[1] Apes TV series actress Jacqueline Scott later said that Marvin Paige told her that the two actresses who dealt with the makeup best were Beverly Garland and herself.[2]

Beverly Garland continued to act after her time on Planet of the Apes, including the movie Sixth and Main in 1977 with Roddy McDowall (with whom she hadn't had any scenes on POTA). She later devoted her time to her 255-room 'Beverly Garland Hotel and Conference Centre' in North Hollywood, California.[1]

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