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A flashback fifteen years earlier reveals General Aleron outside of the Hollow Cliffs ordering Lieutenant Varus to bury the caves with explosives. Present day has Aleron as a citizen standing before Ape Council defending his friend Cato for teaching a human (Tern) to communicate through sign language. The council is rather disturbed, but finds Cato not guilty of heresy. Later that evening Cato is attacked in his home, by soldiers. They force him to write a suicide note and take poison. Tern tries to stop them then flees for his own life. The soldiers chase after him until Aleron stops them.

It is later learned that Councilor Tenebris ordered Ursus and his soldiers to murder Cato. Aleron is recognized as a threat to ape superiority by his sympathy towards humans. So now Councilor Tenebris is focusing his efforts on eleminating Aleron's influence from Ape City. For this reason Pansa was sent to the Hollow Cliffs to find evidence of what happened fifteen year ago to Lieutenant Varus.


  • This story is set 20 years before Taylor fell from the stars. Humans can't speak and are considered animals, but tolerated in the City.


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