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Be-Two was an enlarged, disembodied mutant brain. It represented one-fifth of a composite cybernetic entity known as the 'Supreme Gestalt Commander' (or 'Gestalt Mind') which led The Inheritors - a society descended from (presumably) human mutations. Be-Two and the rest of it's collective were part of a vast electronic network located miles below the Earth in a region commonly referred to as the Forbidden Zone. Each telepathically controlled a division of Mutant Drones, who quickly died if their contolling mind was killed. Be-Two spoke in the manner of a Chicago mobster. Like it's gestalt colleagues, Be-Two loathed any organism that could be classified as non-mutant, and actively sought to exterminate them. In its own twisted way, Be-Two felt that it was rendering humanity a service by destroying them; by taking away their lives, they would also be eliminating the physical discomforts of life. During a battle in the Inheritor's cave home, Jason and Alex and their allies destroyed Be-Two when they shattered its glass housing.[1]



  • The concept of the Supreme Gestalt Commander and its collective brain organisms was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Mike Ploog.
  • As a disembodied brain, Be-Two is a sexually ambiguous creature. It is unknown whether its personality and biological make-up are intended to represent a man or a woman.

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