Be-Six was an immense disembodied mutated human brain suspended in a glass tank. Be-Six was one of a number of experimental organic computers designated the ‘Inheritors’, but was twice as large as the others.

Five of the Inheritors were initially linked together as a 'Supreme Gestalt Commander' (or Gestalt Mind) which controlled a society of Mutant Drones and hybrid slaves. During an intrusion to their headquarters, two of the original Inheritors were destroyed and Be-Six and Be-Seven were "thawed out" to take their places. Soon, the Inheritors completed their victory over their bitter rivals, the Makers.

Later indentured to the Fellowship, Be-Six was installed in an abandoned Maker laboratory and compelled to undertake genetic experiments on behalf of its mutant overlords. Its colleagues, Be-One, Be-Three and Be-Eight, were secreted away by their slaves to the Central Park Zoo, from where they maintained contact with Be-Six while plotting their liberation from the Fellowship. After taunting Mungwortt for some time, the outcast ape smashed the tank containing Be-Six, impaling it on a massive glass shard.


  • The concept of the Supreme Gestalt Commander and its collective brain organisms - including Be-Six - was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Mike Ploog. The character was later revived and expanded upon by Andrew E.C. Gaska.


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