Battle of the Muir Woods Park, also known as the Battle on the Hill, is a battle in War for the Planet of the Apes between the Ape Army and the human Alpha-Omega Army. The battle resulted in an Ape victory, with heavy losses from both sides. It was all thanks to Spear who had alerted for backup. The battle marks the third battle of the final Human-Ape War.


The soldiers of Alpha-Omega, working under Colonel McCullough were assigned to an assault at the ape fort in the Muir Woods, with guidance from McCullough's various "donkeys", including Red.

Reaching a point, the squad captain Rod Wilson spotted three apes on horseback and prepared to shoot but Red stopped him pointing out another donkey in the trees who spotted something. Wilson soon eyed a fort on the trench and noticed more apes armed.

Contacting Colonel McCullough to update him on the situation, the captain received orders to attack. Having the marksman Preacher shoot one of the three spotted apes, the squad began to attack the apes by opening fire.

Soon the apes, led by Caesar counter-attacked the Alpha-Omega assault by firing arrows at the soldiers. Preacher was among the four human survivors who avoided being hit. He reported to McCullough, sure that he was going to die before he was discovered and captured by an ape.


After the battle, all apes how where in the scene were finding injured and dead, finding prisoners, and calling for help. After they were done they piled up the bodies and help injured with the help of female medics and watched the prisoners. Once the apes in the village had word of the battle and prisoners, Caesar, Luca, and Winter had came to deal with the prisoners and Maurice had came too.

Injured and DeadEdit

The injured had been treated by soldiers and female medics by making bandages by wooden ropes and cleaning it with fresh water while the dead where piled up together and finally being transported with wooden wagons by horse to a waterfall to be covered in some kind of cover and be sent away by the waterfall.

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