Bako was a leader of General Mattias' human army of Delphi which brutally destroyed the ape/human settlement of Red Creek in 2657, killing Alaya's father and leaving both her and the human Sullivan orphaned. By 2660 the combined armies of the ape city states had crushed Delphi's independence and while the remnant of the army fled under Doolan, Bako tried to escape with his family. His wife and son were killed but Bako and his mute daughter Chaika eventually settled in the human district of the mixed city of Mak.

After the Lawgiver was assassinated Alaya attacked the human population to find the culprit. Bako was shocked to find out that Chaika was responsible after she was killed. Bako and Sullivan escaped and led Mak's human refugees to Doolan's army, where they began to plan their revenge on Alaya. After his soldiers crashed a hijacked airship into Mak, Bako tried to recover Sullivan's kidnapped child Julian, but was killed by Alaya.



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