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The Attack on Ape Waterfall was a battle between the Ape Army and the Alpha-Omega. The battle was meant to orchestrate the assassination of Caesar but resulted in the deaths of the eldest Ape Prince Blue Eyes and Ape Queen Cornelia, with losses on both sides. It was all the result of Winter betraying the ape colony's location to protect his life. It marked the fourth major battle of the Human-Ape War.


Following a council meeting, Caesar noticed a disturbance and found ropes under the waterfall. Realizing Alpha-Omega may have discovered the apes' whereabouts, Caesar tells Blue Eyes to protect his mother and brother while he went off to investigate.

Colonel McCullough and two of his soldiers infiltrated the ape waterfall, using intel that ape traitor Winter had given them. Caesar ran into Luca, and had him gather Rocket and all available gorilla guards to help him search for the soldiers.

One of McCullough's soldiers, Lang, wandered into Caesar's family room looking for him. However, Blue Eyes managed to protect his mother and brother while killing Lang, but was then shot dead by McCullough along with Cornelia, thinking he was Caesar. Cornelius was hiding during their murders.

Meanwhile, Rocket found McCullough's other soldier and killed him. Caesar arrived with Spear, Luca and his Guards, and overheard a comm link of the dead soldier. McCullough broadcasted a message to his fellow soldiers that he (supposedly) killed Caesar. Hearing this, Caesar realized what happened and rushed back to his family.

Caesar returned to the waterfall opening, only to see McCullough preparing to leave. As he prepared to jump, he turned and locked eyes with the real Caesar, confused and turned to the bodies of Blue Eyes and Cornelia, which Caesar directed his gaze and became horrified and enraged at the death of his wife and eldest son. Realizing his mistake, McCullough opened fire at Caesar, with him taking cover. He then noticed Rocket, Luca, Spear, and the other gorillas coming in, and opened fire at them, though they were able to avoid getting hit. He then jumped out through the waterfall attached to the cable. Caesar pursued, grabbing onto the cable and climbed, but McCullough cut the cable after Caesar knocked the M4A1 Assault Rifle out of his hand, sending the ape king falling down into the water, while he escaped. Caesar survived the fall and was angered and devastated by McCullough's escape and his loss.


After returning to his room, Caesar mourned his wife and son as Luca solemnly reported Winter cannot be found and they believed he had betrayed them out of cowardice. Caesar asks where Cornelius is and Luca tells him they’re still looking for him. Luca, Maurice, Rocket, Spear, and the gorillas then left to continue searching for Cornelius. After he is left alone, he continues to break down before he is alerted by a noise and discovered Cornelius, who survived the attack after he is revealed to have been hidden from the danger.

Caesar decided to evacuate the apes to the haven that Blue Eyes and Rocket had found, now that their home was compromised. However, he revealed that he was not accompanying them as he will hunt down his family's murderer and did not expect to return. Caesar was joined by his top lieutenants and went off to get his revenge but this eventually led to his capture by Alpha-Omega, where he discovered his ape colony were captive as well.


  • It was the first known victory for the humans over the apes.
  • This event puts in motion of Caesar's quest for revenge.
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