Arvid Knudsen and Associates is the company credited with the art, design, & story adaptations for the Power Records series of Planet of the Apes 'Book & Record' sets, comprising a 7" record providing narration for a full-colour comic. These adapted four of the five original Apes movies. Power Records also released a series of three 'Little LP' 7" records based on the TV series, but without accompanying comics.

Arvid Knudsen studied art at Cooper Union in the 1950s, and his most important teacher was Sidney Delevante. He was a book author, producer and packager, producing hundreds of books for many New York publishing companies, including children's books Wrestling Basics (Sports Basics Books), Boating Basics (Sports Basics Books), Computer Software Basics (High-Tech Basics Series), and Aerobics Basics (Sports Basics Series), published by Prentice Hall between 1981 and 1986.[1] In 1994 Knudsen relocated to Santa Monica, CA, where he spent most of the remainder of his life. Still involved with the art of writing, in his later years his creativity was mostly expressed through poetry. He also still edited various other books, including The Life of Biddy Mason, one of his last commercial projects. He departed this world on October 1, 2015, and undoubtedly is still creating wonderful words and art in the heavenly realms. His children have carried on his artistic traditions; daughter Caroline and son David are both artists and writers.[2]

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