Apemania is a Planet of the Apes re-enactment troupe making public, movie, and TV appearances recreating the characters from the films.

Roy Ceballos, Brian Penikas, David Hoff and Rock Barney first assembled in the late 1970s as the Merry Monkeytime Players. Penikas, now a Hollywood make-up artist, reunited the team in the summer of 1996, together with some new members,[1] and they have featured in private and industry parties, charity fund-raisers, promotions and trade shows, television news programs, talk shows, pilots and film cameos. Some of the higher-profile events have included a 30th Anniversary reunion and screening of Planet of the Apes by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills on August 27th, 1998, which coincided with the American Movie Classics and Fox Television documentary "Behind the Planet of the Apes"; the surprise 75th birthday party for Apes make-up creator John Chambers in September 1998; promotions for the Fox Interactive Apes CD-Rom game; and world-wide publicity for the 2008 release of the Planet of the Apes movies to blu-ray (which appeared to feature images of Apemania members printed onto the discs rather than original cast members). The attention to detail shown by Apemania in their make-ups, costumes and props has led in turn to a business selling highly accurate replicas of ape costumes and simian make-over kits.

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Michelle Briddell, née Juhlin, is a script supervisor and actress who has performed as Zira with Apemania, including the tribute to John Chambers and a Planet of the Apes 40th anniversary photoshoot by David Honl.[2]


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