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Anna was a minor character in La Planète des Singes.


Over ten thousand years ago Anna was a Sororian woman who worked at a laboratory. She began to notice the changes among the gorillas kept in the lab, hearing whispering and chuckling among them. Even witnessing making fun of her boss behind his back and imitating his antics. Anna terrified of her experience would not allow herself to enter the apes' cages alone anymore and shared her experience with a colleague.

Millennia later the account of her fearful interactions with the intelligent gorillas survived, passed to her colleague's female descendant that became part of a cerebral experiment by a chimpanzee named Hélius who discovered a way to access the atavistic memories of her ancestors. It was later recounted by the female descendant before Ulysses who explained how the apes on Soror rose to power.


  • Interesting to note according to the novel, the first ape to speak in public was a chimpanzee according to a newspaper known as Woman's Journal, though Anna's account the gorillas were conversing amongst themselves as well.