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For the weapon in the original movie series, see Alpha-Omega Bomb.

We are the beginning!
And the end!
Alpha-Omega's battle cry

Alpha-Omega was a fanatical paramilitary force led by J. Wesley McCullough, who sought to wipe out the San Francisco Ape Colony and a new strain of the Simian Flu to preserve human supremacy.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm

Alpha-Omega was originally a domestic terrorist group that arose during the early stages of the Simian Flu Pandemic. The organization believed that the Flu was a "blessing" and that they should assist in "cleansing" the world of those they deemed impure. The group first rose to prominence by torching a quarantine area in Alameda Point, resulting in the deaths of 500 people and injuring hundreds more. One of the perpetrators was apprehended by Dreyfus, who interrogated him and discovered that Alpha-Omega members believed that their survival was due to being immune to the virus, though this was proven wrong when Dreyfus' prisoner was infected himself.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Ten years after the Ape Rebellion and after the initial outbreak ran its course, the remaining U.S. Army relocated far north to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. In 2026, Colonel J. Wesley McCullough and his unit were dispatched to San Francisco after receiving an S.0.S signal by Dreyfus in the wake of Koba's violent revolution.

War for the Planet of the Apes: Revelations

Colonel McCullough and his son John patrolled the ruins of San Francisco and came across a wall with graffiti, bearing the Greek letters for Alpha and Omega. McCullough told John about a group that burned down quarantine zones. While not mentioned by name, the group is heavily implied to be Alpha-Omega.

War for the Planet of the Apes

WPOTA The Colonel's forces 3

Alpha-Omega Army

As the war progressed, the Simian Flu began to evolve, causing the carriers of the new strain to become mute and lose their higher intelligence. As a result, McCullough was forced to kill John after he was infected with the virus and then ordered his followers to kill any other infected humans and burn their belongings to prevent the new strain from spreading, even their comrades who were infected.

However, some opposed his methods. In response, McCullough ordered them killed to assert his authority while other deserters fled. One of the deserters alerted the Colonel's commanders of his actions, prompting them to try and convince McCullough that they could find a medical cure. However, the Colonel viewed this as proof that they learned nothing from when the ALZ-113 was created. Therefore, he refused and beheaded his superiors, but spared one of them to deliver a message that if they wanted to end his extreme campaign, they would have to fight him themselves, prompting the Northern Military to prepare for battle against Alpha-Omega and put an end to the Colonel's campaign. After McCullough and his soldiers deserted from the U.S. Army, they incorporated the Alpha-Omega symbol onto their uniforms and declared a holy war against the apes.

Two years after the Battle of San Francisco, they attacked the San Francisco Ape Colony, during the Battle of Muir Woods Park on Caesar's main base. While casualties mounted on both sides, much of the platoon was killed with only four soldiers surviving, although they were spared by Caesar who wanted peace and the need to show the Colonel that the apes were not savages. However, McCullough and another platoon attacked the ape hideout to kill Caesar. Though all the soldiers were killed, minus McCullough, Blue Eyes and Cornelia were murdered, the former was mistaken for Caesar. After Caesar left his clan to enact revenge against McCullough, the ape clan was captured by Alpha-Omega, who sought to use them as slave labor to build a defensive wall to prepare for the arrival of the Northern Army. Later, all of the remaining soldiers were wiped out after the battle at their headquarters or the subsequent avalanche shortly after the apes escaped from their captivity.

Known Members

Name Status Position Photo
J. Wesley McCullough Deceased Colonel
Colonel McCullough - CE
John McCullough Deceased Lieutenant
WPOTA Photo of the Colonel's son
Rod Wilson Deceased Captain
Captain Rod Wilson
Preacher Deceased Soldier
Preacher - CE
Boyle Deceased Soldier
Lang Deceased Soldier
Travis Deceased Soldier
Red Deceased Donkey/Traitor
Winter Deceased Donkey
Unnamed Ape Deceased Donkey
Pongo Deceased Donkey


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