Ollo was a member of a nomadic tribe of gorillas who had followed General Aldo into exile from Caesar's Ape City. Years after Aldo's death, the tribe continued to emulate him by learning combat techiques and maintaining that ape can kill ape. As a young adult gorilla, Ollo believed that the spirit of Aldo had appeared to him during a thunder storm and annointed him as his successor. He found the rest of his tribe who had fled the storm, and slaughtered every one of them. After that, Ollo moved to Alexander's Ape City and became head of the gorilla military there. He fostered his Aldonite philosophy among his subordinates, including Colonel Urchak, Captain Doda, Captain Pato and Doctor Moto, forcing some of his soldiers to fight each other to the death. During Alexander's absence in the Forbidden City, General Ollo siezed power and instituted a brief reign of terror against anyone opposed to his ideas. Alexander ultimately regained control of the city and Ollo was exiled. He and his supporters allied with the Forgotten Apes and later the Tenctonese, but were unable to win back their power and influence.

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