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Aghoo was an evolved gorilla who appeared in War for the Planet of the Apes: Revelations.


Aghoo was a member of the ape army who believed Koba's leadership was best for all apes. After Koba was killed by Caesar and Red started organizing the apes loyal to Koba to rebel against Caesar, he sent Aghoo with Stripe and Fox to hunt down and kill Blue Eyes, Ray, and Rocket while they traveled South looking for another group of hostile humans. They catch up to them at San Bruno Primate Shelter while they are still traveling with Malcolm and his family and open fire on them as they exit the front entrance. Aghoo and his comrades flee after Blue Eyes and his allies manage to push them back. Aghoo continues to follow Blue Eyes and his group when they stumble across a town of humans called Esperanze and shoot at Blue Eyes and Rocket. Blue Eyes and Rocket manage to flee and Aghoo bellows in anger because of their escape. Aghoo and Stripe soon realize that Fox is missing but continue hunting for Blue Eyes and Rocket.

Aghoo eventually found Blue Eyes while he was traveling with a human companion, Feliz, and rushed toward the their jeep and shoot Blue Eyes in the shoulder. Aghoo leapt onto the jeep and demanded Blue Eyes tell him where Fox was. When Blue Eyes revealed he had been captured by a group of humans and was working with Feliz to free him, Aghoo angrily proclaims Caesar killed his king and will kill Caesar's son in revenge so he won't become king and tosses his gun to Stripe so he can beat Blue Eyes to death. Blue Eyes tries to convince Aghoo to let him go, telling Aghoo of a boat carrying poison gas to kill their army, but the news only pleases Aghoo. Aghoo explains that by now the female and children apes have been taken into the forest with Koba's forces and the only ones killed will be Caesar's followers and then jumps down from the car to challenge Blue Eyes. Blue Eyes got on his feet and barked at Aghoo, seemingly accepting the challenge, but instead turned around and ran with Aghoo and Stripe right on his tail, flanking him on both sides. Blue Eyes attacked Stripe and nearly beat him to death before Aghoo pulled him off of Stripe and threw him to the ground. Aghoo called Blue Eyes a coward while moving toward him when Rocket jumps on his head and attacks him. Aghoo manages to pull Rocket of him before grabbing one of Stripe's rifle to shoot them. But before he can pull the trigger, Aghoo is shot in the neck by Feliz and dies.

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