Planet of the Apes, Part VI of VI - The Secret

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Synopsis: Taylor, Zira, Cornelius, Nova and Dr. Zaius explore Cornelius' findings at the cave. Taylor identifies several pieces of medical equipment that had likely belonged to a human. Nova continues to play with the human doll. She drops it when the doll suddenly begins uttering, "Mama". Taylor asks Zaius why an ape would make a human doll that could talk.

Outside the cave, gorilla soldiers cordon off the area and apprehend Lucius. Taylor hears the commotion and grabs Zaius about the neck. Herding him out to the cave's entrance by gunpoint, he warns the soldiers that he will kill Zaius if they attempt to hurt them. He further instructs them to bring a fresh horse, food, supplies and ammo.

While waiting for the soldiers to fulfill his demands, Taylor ties Zaius to a tree. Zaius continues to condemn mankind as an inferior and savage species. He has Cornelius read a passage from the Sacred Scrolls telling of man’s nature.

Taylor gets the horse and bids his friends goodbye. Taking Nova with him, he begins to follow the shoreline of the ocean. After traveling for several hours Taylor stops when he sees something that leaves him completely horror-stricken. Half buried in the sandy wastes is the broken remains of the infamous Statue of Liberty. He has been on Earth this whole time! Taylor now has to deal with the fact that mankind destroyed their own planet giving rise to an evolutionary upsurge of intelligent apes.



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