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Adiposo was a Mutant who lived under the radiated remains of New York City in the Future and was also a member of the Fellowship of the Holy Fallout.


Adiposo (a.k.a. "Fat Man") was a mutant who lived beneath the ruins of New York City in the latter half of the 40th century. His actual name has never been revealed. He was a high-ranking leader of the mutant community, and possessed the ability to project his thoughts directly into the minds of others. Further, the Fat Man could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them. His projections were always filtered through a haze of red light, oftentimes overlapping psychic impressions created by his fellow mutants. Although he was more than capable of physically speaking, his evolved persona preferred communication through telepathy.

He indulged in a drug habit that was strictly forbidden among the mutant community, and when he was fatally attacked by Mungwortt and the White Ones during the ape invasion he meekly accepted his fate.


  • The Fat Man is credited in Beneath the Planet of the Apes only as "Fat Man." The name "Adiposo" was introduced by The Mutant News, a mock newspaper issued at the time of the movie's release. The name was based on the Latin term "adipose," meaning "fat."[2]
  • With the exception of Mass, or other religious rituals, the Fat Man traditionally wore a latex mask, which provided him with a more human appearance.
  • All of the elders of the mutant community wore liturgical vestments, which were color-coordinated with the visual effects of their thought projection abilities. The Fat Man wore a red stole over his robes to match the color of his psychic impressions.
  • Each Inquisitor pursued an individual line of questioning with Brent; the Fat Man probed for facts.[3]
  • In order to create the effect of a human being mutated through exposure to radiation, make-up artist John Chambers examined photographs of corpses where the outer dermal layer of skin had been removed. After sifting through other, more graphic potential mutant designs, he decided upon using these photographs for the basis of his mutant make-up. [4]


  • 'Fat Man' was also the codename of the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on the city of Nagasaki, the second of only two nuclear weapons ever used against a human population. It is not known if this radiation-scarred character's name was a reference to this nuclear weapon or whether it was coincidental.



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