This page chronicles events that take place in the year 2013.

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Planet of the Apes Timeline

Continuity Event Source
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Production Timeline

  • July 21: Matt Reeves, Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and Andy Serkis attend Comic Con San Diego 2013 and reveal the first still from Dawn of lead ape Caesar, a promo for the symptoms of the Simian Flu as well as an exclusive teaser trailer from the film revolving around the humans with a shot of Caesar leading his ape army into battle.
  • August 9: IMDb reports that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has gone into post-production.
  • December 18: The trailer shown at Comic Con is released as the first official trailer.
  • December 11: The first set of posters for Dawn are released giving fans a first look at aged Maurice, Rocket and Koba as well as a glimpse at Caesar all painted up in war paint.



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