This page chronicles events that take place in the year 1974.

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Planet of the Apes TimelineEdit

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Production TimelineEdit

  • Literally hundreds of Planet of the Apes-related items are licensed and flood the market in anticipation of the debut of the TV series in September.
  • Power Records adapts four of the five original Planet of the Apes films as 'Book & Record' sets comprising a full color comic with a record providing narration and sound effects. The four adaptations are later collected for a compilation LP.
  • April 5: TV series script "Hostage" is completed by Stephen Kandel. Further scripts are written leading up to the start of production in June, most of which will be filmed for the series.
  • May: Auditions are held for the role of Urko|Ursus. The next day auditions are held for Zaius, and the following day three couples are tested together: one Ursus and one Zaius. Mark Lenard and Booth Colman are selected.
  • June 1: Ron Harper marries Sally Stark in New York. In the second week of their honeymoon, Harper is asked to return from Killarney, Ireland, to test with Roddy McDowall and candidates for the role of Stan Kovak, including James Naughton.
  • Power Records releases a series of three 'Little LP' records featuring completely new audio adventures for the Planet of the Apes TV series characters. These are collected into a compilation LP, along with a fourth original story.



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