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This page chronicles events that take place in the year 1973.

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Planet of the Apes Timeline

Continuity Event Source
Colonel Tayor's ANSA spacecraft Liberty 1 is recovered from the ocean and found to contain Dr. Zira, Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Milo. All three die within a few months, but Zira and Cornelius' infant son is adopted by circus owner Armando. Escape from the Planet of the Apes
Battle for the Planet of the Apes[1]

Production Timeline

  • February: Spanish horror movie La Noche del Terror Ciego (Tombs of the Blind Dead) receives a US release, sometimes re-named Revenge From Planet Ape to exploit the success of the Planet of the Apes films.
  • 1973?: An undated concept outline for a TV series is prepared, outlining two human astronaut characters - Alan Virdon and Stan Kovak - who crash-land on the Planet of Apes. Their adversaries are Ursus and Zaius, and Galen the chimpanzee is their only ape friend.
  • Casting agent Marvin Paige is involved in a presentation for a Planet of the Apes TV series to CBS. The network opts to make 'The New Adventures of Perry Mason' for the Fall season instead.
  • From September: The first three Planet of the Apes movies are aired in a row on CBS prime time to kickoff the 1973-4 season 'Friday Night Movie'. It registers a 33.6 Nielsen rating and a 57 per cent share of the audience to capture the number one spot in the ratings race for that week and the highest ratings in history for a sci-fi series up to that time. This starts the "Apemania" hype which ultimately spawns a magazine, TV series and a vast merchandising spree. The first toy company to exploit this new-found market is Addar, who produce model kits based on the central characters.



  1. Caesar, MacDonald and Virgil locate the tape labelled 'Proceedings of the Presidential Commission on Alien Visitors, 1973' - placing the events of Escape in that year.